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L'Éclair Généalogique hopes that you will take a moment to visit our web site to see the resources we offer you, absolutely free. Whatever you find here, it is dedicated exclusively to genealogy researchers looking for information on the numerous descendents of the Leclerc, Leclair(e), Leclère, Clerc, Clair(e) families settled in North America.

We know of at least 29 Leclerc ancestors, arriving from France, Germany, England and so forth, who settled in Nouvelle France, not counting the Leclerc females, therefore there's no lack of descendents. The spelling varied enormously, from one region to another, depending on the officiating priests and notaries witnessing the recorded life events. And what about those who migrated south of the border? It sometimes require lots of imagination when doing genealogy research !

A visit to the library of a genealogy society closed to home can be a godsend. Their volunteers can be of great help by guiding you through the various resources available to researchers. There is a method to be followed when recording the results of a research, if you don't want to get lost in a pile of documents, eventually. Take the time to organize and document your files, and don't ignore the teaching of the various volunteers you encounter. You'll be thankful one day !