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For all reseachers who are beginning the long trek of reconstructing their family history, from the start of the colony until today, you will find numerous obstacles and difficulties sometimes impossible to overcome. However, new technology is available to the researcher which constantly brings new solutions.

Sadly, it is at this point that the beginner quickly loses himself. That is why we strongly suggest the first step is to visit a genealogy club or society near you. Most of them have a library allowing you to consult various publications on baptisms, marriages and burials, leading you to the parish register, not only for Québec and Canada, but also many parishes in New England. The microfilms containing the vital records and notarial documentation for Québec, from the beginning up to 1940, are available for review at the library of some genealogy clubs and societies.

Beginner's courses for genealogical research, as well as paleography, the art of reading old documents, are offered by numerous societies, to members and non-members alike. Some societies also publish a quarterly magazine or newsletter, with genealogical news of interest to all researchers, included in the annual cost of their membership. The annual membership cost is minimal compared to the advantages it provides.

To find a genealogy society near you, please consult the following sites:
"Fédération des Sociétés de Généalogie" or the " Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique".

The volunteers working in the research centers can guide you adequately in your research and show you all the resources that are at your disposal, and there are many. You can spend hours of futile research to find where and how to conduct your research. Many researchers give up too quickly, discouraged in the face of the difficulties met, believing that it will be impossible to overcome them. Accept the help offered to you by the genealogy club and society volunteers, you will gain a big advantage in your genealogical research, and lots of pleasure in return.

The following links and suggestions are addressed particularly to those who are starting their genealogical research. There is much more available on the web, and it would be quite impossible to try and come up with such an exhaustive list!


The Drouin Institute offers the digital collection of vital records, containing 3,644,575 images which is impressive in itself, but is by no means their only resource. You will also have access to some of the Ontario and Quebec census, the Consolidated Index of Marriages and Deaths in Quebec from 1926 to 1996, the Fichier Connelly, the Fichier Loiselle and the Fichier Roland-Auger, cemeteries data base, etc...


Here is one of the well known web site, but with a new twist. They now offer on-line the Mormons microfilms, digitized and indexed, absolutely free of charge. Add to that the Canadian Provincial and National Archives (B.M.S.), all the available American Census and most of the Canadian Census... More importantly, millions of historical records
                              including Births, Deaths and Marriages covering all of the United States, most of Europe, Asia, Africa, etc... And they keep adding to it every day ! It is absolutely worth a visit, and guaranteed to become one of your favourite resources.


Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique":
the comprehensive site of Quebec French-Canadian genealogy of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. This site includes a directory of civilian proceedings for 1621-1799, a genealogical dictionary of families for 1621-1765 and a dictionary of marriages and lineages for 1621-1799.


It's hard to bypass that web site as it has lots to offer: the collection of Drouin microfilms, all of the Canadian Census, the Ontario vital records from their provincial archives, and much more, available on line for a reasonable fee. But beware: their indexation is the worst case I have ever seen ! Use your imagination in the spellings of family and given names, and use their wildcard option (*) freely. It is guaranteed to push your patience to the limit sometimes!


The product of years of research by hundred of volunteers and the collaboration of about 25 genealogy societies, this searchable database on-line is a very useful tool to guide you in the right direction when looking for your ancestors. Not overly expensive, it would gain by being more user friendly, but it will save you lots of time and an excellent tool nonetheless.


Mes   Another searchable database on line, for a moderate fee. It is a collection of BMS data published by volunteers and
                              genealogy societies which found its way in this particular database. And naturally, their website has other goodies to offer the visitors in need of their family tree, but not too keen in the research aspect of it...


Fichier Origine A computerized dictionary of baptisms of immigrants found as part of a research project on the first families of French origin and foreign immigrants to settle in Québec, from the beginning to 1865. In French only, but well worth the visit.


Your gateway to Franco-American and French-Canadian genealogy on the Internet. Numerous links to various genealogy web sites all over the world, unfortunately some of them are in French only, but still an impressive site worth a visit...


They offer a vast collection of old digitalized books and documents, accessible and downloadable free of charge, including the TANGUAY Dictionary on-line (Banque Images & Sons).


Here you will find a full complement of information not to be missed: the Pistard database, a database of inventories of the assets of a person upon their death, for the regions of Québec, Charlevoix, Beauce, Montmagny and Kamouraska, from 1796 to 1955. You will also find numerous catalogued collections and virtual expositions that are very interesting. Again, in French only, but don't let that stop you.


A digital library with more than 1,180,000 pages to review on Canadian history. There is a section dedicated to genealogy research, including several sources to consult on-line. You will also find the 1901 Canada Census and the 1906 North-West Census. The Digital Library of Canada, including the Jesuit Relations from 1632 to 1672 is available on-line. An impressive site is the Virtual Museum of a Portrait of Canada and at Images of Canada, pictures of Canadian events, people, locales and artifacts found in Canada.


An impressive site; another inescapable site that all good genealogists must visit if they want to better understand this period and the life styles of our ancestors.


An Internet gateway for researchers, genealogists, historians and authors. You will find, in addition to an exhaustive list of genealogy and history clubs and societies, the addresses of family associations and family sites to review, not counting all the other sites hosted by the center. For those of you who can manage a little bit of French!


by Claude Routhier: key additional information for those interested in the history of Québec, from the beginning up to today. Lots of interesting and pertinent information, necessary to better understand the reality of our ancestors and their migratory movements (French only).


For those who are interested in Quebec history after the fall of New France, one of the best site can be found at the Marianopolis College. Although its first purpose is to provide material for their students, the site is accessible to the public at large,  as there is a need for serious academic English material on the history of Quebec. Beginning with the period of 1760-1763, you will find a considerable amount of information about not only the history of Quebec but also the migration of its people, Federalism and the Constitution, biographies of important characters, and a lot more...


Racines Rochelaises Our French cousins from the Aunis region offer us an absolutely unavoidable site, a veritable jewel of its type, particularly for those whose ancestors originated from this region. This site teems with information that is not found elsewhere, especially on immigrants from La Rochelle, Île de Ré, and their neighbouring regions, who settled in New France. (French only)


"Groupement Généalogique du Havre et de Seine Maritime": an interesting French entry point for those whose ancestors originated in Normandy, and there are a great number of us!


The genealogical site of Lucie LeBlanc Consentino contains more that 3,000 pages of information on Acadian and Canadian history. If you have some Acadian ancestors in your lineage, make sure to visit Lucie's web site. The quality of its information, impeccable presentation and ease of access requires a viewing.


Cindy's List of Internet Genealogical Sites: an exhaustive list of suggestions on sites to visit, whether you are researching your genealogy, or simply making a virtual visit to the site of another researcher. You can spend hours of surfing on the Web by consulting this list of references, that can, then, be added to your favourites.


A community site dedicated to genealogy. Their mission is to provide access to all the genealogical data existing in the world, available or not on the Internet, free or 'for fee', so that everyone has access to practice their passion for genealogy. They have multiple genealogical databases containing more than 77,000,000 individuals, personal pages, powerful search engines, free hosting, etc...


As a research tool on the Internet, one should not forget about the genealogy forums and mailing lists. A few of them come to mind, particularly Rootsweb, because of their powerful research engines, allowing you to browse thru all their boards and archives. For those who are encountering those famous brickwalls, use them wisely, they can be a great tool. Rootsweb is also the host of thousands of free genealogy web sites, where you can spend hours browsing for some of your ancestors or their affiliated families.


Another popular web site offering thousands of browsable and researchable forums. Part of the Inc. network, the GenForum is also a great tool when trying co climb those famous brickwalls we all encounter from times to times...


NOTE: You will find today that more and more genealogy societies offer various research tools and databases on-line, such as the Société généalogique canadienne-française, the Société de généalogie de Québec, la Société de généalogie des Cantons de l'Est, and many others as well.

Membership fees are more than reasonable and their volunteers are always there to help whenever necessary. It is a great way to save you some time, allowing you to do your research directly from your home computer without having to deal with traffic and parking, but at the same time, encouraging your favourite genealogy society.