The original surname, Leclerc, has seen boundless variations since the arrival of our ancestors. It can sometimes be quite difficult to do a proper genealogy research in the various publications as well as the microfilms of the vital records, without having to pay a visit to the library of a genealogy society closest to you.  The genealogy societies offer numerous services and resources to the genealogists; in addition, the expert help of their volunteers will save you a great deal of time when you need to browse through the various resources the library has to offer. 

One of the most informative resource found in their libraries remains without a doubt the Drouin dictionaries of the French-Canadian Marriages from 1760 to 1935, better known as "La Masculine" (61 volumes) and "La Féminine" (64 volumes), published and distributed by the Drouin Genealogical Institute.

A consultation of those dictionaries will quickly send you in the right direction as far as to which parish publication you need to look at for more information, or better yet, which microfilm of the parish registers, available in most genealogy societies, will hold the copy of the vital record you need to document your research. The digitized version of the microfilms from the Drouin Collection of Quebec vital and Church records  can also be found on the web sites of the Drouin Institute and Ancestry.

With the permission of the Drouin Institute and its president, Jean-Pierre Pepin, you will find in the "Services" section of this web site, several of their research tools, particularly digitized pages in PDF format of La Masculine, La Féminine, the Petit Drouin and the Fichier Histor, relative to the listed marriages of the many Leclerc ancestors, no matter the spelling. These pages are sorted by page number, and the marriages are listed in alphabetical order, according to the given name of each Leclerc individual.

For those of you who are not closed to a genealogy society, or are trying to cut down on travelling expenses, the above resources should be of great help to minimize the research time needed to consult the various microfilms available on the web, as some of them are not yet indexed, such as the LDS microfilms, available free of charge at

On the other hand, the vast Drouin Collection is available for a small fee ($) at the Drouin Institute, and is continually being updated; for more information, please visit their web site at : The fully indexed Drouin Collection is also available on Ancestry's web site, but be prepared and use your imagination and a wild card (*) when filling in the research fields, as the quality of the indexation leaves a lot to be desired.

And last, but not least, why not consult the Leclerc/Leclair(e) genealogy database. Far from being completed or even 100% accurate, it can, nonetheless, provide you with sufficient information to guide you towards the regions where some of your ancestors have travelled or settled, whatever the case may be. Never know what you might find while digging around...

If you need help to navigate through these resources, contact the undersigned, who shall help you if and when needed.

Good luck in your research !

Suzette Leclair, genealogist
Member of: SGCF, SGCE, SGQ