About us ....

We are a team of genealogists, researchers and webmasters, sharing a common passion: genealogy and the history of our ancestors. We have chosen to merge our efforts and our many resources, with the goal of uncovering the different ancestors with the name Leclerc and dit-Leclerc, inherited from birth or adopted later on, that immigrated to New France.

Allow me to introduce you to the team of "L'éclair généalogique":

Paul Leclerc and Lise Séguin Leclerc, collaborators

Originally from Montréal, Paul and Lise have lived in Mississauga, Ontario for nearly thirty years. They are both genealogists at heart and in spirit, volunteers deeply involved in the cause that they hold so near to their hearts. We owe them a great deal, as they very patiently photocopied and later scanned in PDF format, all the pages relating to the Leclerc families from La Masculine, La Féminine, Histor and the Petit Drouin published by the Drouin Genealogical Institute, with the permission of its owner, Jean-Pierre Pepin. You can now enjoy the results of their efforts by clicking on the tab for our "Services".

Suzette Leclair and Johan Robitaille, collaborators

A mother-daughter team of genealogists, natives of the Eastern Townships and residents of the Lanaudière region for the past 40 years. Family researchers, they specialize in Indian genealogy and collaborate on various projects such as the GenWeb Projects, Rootsweb forums and discussion groups...


To contact us...

Suzette Leclair Suzette.Leclair @ gmail.com
Johan Robitaille Genealogycrazy @ gmail.com
Paul O. Leclerc Leclercpo @ gmail.com